Owner: Paul Kingsbury



Private school in California U.S.A.

B.A. Speech Communication with an emphasis in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, California State University Long Beach

M.Ed. Educational Technology and English Language Teaching, University of Manchester



Member of the Innung Druck Wien since 1998.

Österichische WeinbruderschaftMember of the Österreichische Weinbruderschaft – Komturei Burgenland since 2018.


Experience: Proofreading, translating, English instruction & content creation since 1995.

Languages spoken: English & German

Specialization: Advertising Texts, Websites, Story Boards, Scripts, Literature, Documents, Wine


Contact Information

Address:       Untere Hauptstraße 47 | Weiden am See | 7121 Austria

Telephone: +43 0 2167 40321

Cell Phone: +43 0 699 17 546426 (069917 KINGCO)

Email:           office@kingsbury.at